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Monday, June 2, 2014

All together now.

The puppies are spending their days together--playing inside and out. We separate them into smaller groups for meal time and to sleep at night. They've all figured out the doggy door--I'll take a video in the next few days of them all trying to go through the door at the same time....

Harry came for a visit--he was sooo popular!

 Harry was amazingly patient with the puppies climbing all over him. What a good boy!


The whole gang going out for a drive.

We have a climber!

It didn't take pink girl long to figure out how to use the crate by the fence to her advantage. There's always one explorer in every litter.... We'll be moving the crate away from the fence right now :)

A puppy nose ring....

Yet another funny sleep pose--yellow boy takes nose ring to another level....

How long have those chickens been there?!

Everyday the puppies become more aware of their surroundings. Just a few days ago, they started noticing the chickens that are along the back fence....