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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eyes are open and they are WALKING!

Two weeks old--first photo shoot.


Pink, Purple, Red, Orange and Green girls.

For identification purposes, the puppies are assigned a color and matching collar. The collar names were chosen by my puppy socializer grand kids--Cade and Ava!

Cade and Ava were there for every pup's birth--what a wonderful experience!

Pink girl--deep red color. She is our second largest pup.

Purple girl--light red color with white marks.
She is our largest puppy in the litter.

Red girl--medium red color. She is our smallest puppy.

Orange girl--light apricot color.

Green girl--dark apricot/light red color.

Two weeks old puppy pile!

Two weeks old--and they just keep growing!

Magic is such a good mommy.

Two weeks old.

Lined up at the lunch bar!

One week old puppy pile!

They are growing right before our eyes!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Five girls were born June 6, 2011. Two are deep red, one is red with white blazes on her chest and forehead and two are apricot. Mama and puppies are doing well. I'll post more pictures soon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Magic is ready to POP!

We should have puppies any time! Magic spends most of her time stretched out on the cool entry tile trying to get comfortable. She had contractions most of the night, so we expect puppies sometime today! Her xray last week showed at least 5 puppies. We can't wait to meet our new additions!