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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Millie has Puppies on the Way!

Millie has been bred to Ladd Hills Quixote! Thank you Christy, Daisy Hill Labradoodles, for letting us use this darling boy. Q is gentle, quiet and very calm. Puppies are due the first of June. We're expecting a variety of chocolate and white markings--from full parti to mostly chocolate with some white mismark accents. We are taking reservations now--hurry and contact me if you are interested. Three puppies have been reserved already!

Mama to be Millie
I love her full Tuxedo marking on her chest--her white wraps all the way up over her shoulders!

Papa Quixote
Isn't he beautiful!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Girl on the Block!

Introducing Hills West Sweet Lullaby

We drove up to Washington state last month to pick up our new puppy--thank you Tamara, Hills West Labradoodles!

This girl is as sweet as candy! She has a gentle nature but can be a real clown. She loves to tease Cassie, who endures it quietly. Occasionally when pushed a little too far, Cassie will casually pin the new girl and just let her know who is really boss., but then Cassie immediately backs off and the new puppy goes right back to chewing her ears, tail, toes, etc. They snuggle up to sleep together and are the best of buddies!

Sweet Lullaby is a large medium labradoodle. Her Caramel/Cream coat is soft to the touch. She has lovely green eyes which are beginning to turn to hazel/green. She will have her first litter for us sometime in 2014 after she has passed all her testing and has grown up a bit!