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Monday, July 6, 2015

Food Fight!

Well, it's just dinner, but it does get messy! Mama Halia just couldn't keep up with feeding all these puppies, so a few days ago we started them on real food--and they love it! We start the puppies off with a thin gruel of goat's milk and baby rice cereal. Then we begin adding softened kibble to the mush and over the next few weeks we'll gradually make the mush thicker and chunkier.

The first few meals the puppies wore almost as much as they ate, but they caught on quickly to standing around the dishes rather than in them. We let Halia in at the end of the meals to tidy things up--she does the dishes, mops the floor and gives everyone a bath. A few of the puppies always take the chance to grab dessert while she is preoccupied with her housekeeping duties. Then we change the bedding, and everyone settles down for a few hours of sleep.

1 comment:

Gayle Matloff said...

Kathy I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful breeder you are....I know because Hunter is truly the perfect mini cannot believe all the people that truly want this little guy. You are doing a wonderful job on all these new babies wish I could have another but not sure if Hunter would like it or not. Thanks again he will be 15 months old on the 10th.

Labradoodle Mom