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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Bella's litter started on solid food today....
the first meal is always such an adventure!

The puppies wear as much as they eat.
Not only does the dish hold yummy food--
it's so fun to play in when it's empty!

So proud of our Little Sox--
she stopped eating, ran over to the litter box,
put one toe in and went potty.
Does that count as hitting the mark?
In my book, at this age, one toe in is a grand success!

Serendipity wants to play with the puppies so badly--
she and Red boy greeted each other through the fence.

Mama Bella kept a close watch on the meal.

I let Bella in at the end to clean everything up.
She polished the bowl, then let
everyone have a drink before bedtime.
She climbed onto the top "bunk" of the Kuranda bed,
the puppies crawled into their "fort" under her,
and everyone slept for several hours.

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